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Wesley United
Methodist Church

Warehouse Point, Conn.

Johnson & Son
Opus 424, 1874

This organ received
OHS Citation number 294.

We have recently completed a through restoration of this venerable instrument according to strict restoration standards. Originally this was a G -compass instrument of New York manufacture (probably Erben) dating from the 1830s. Johnson took it in trade in the late 1860s and rebuilt it utilizing the original chassis and half the pipework, supplying a new console, case and action. In 1898 the organ was moved to the present building by J.W. Steere with a tubular pneumatic pedal, subsequently electrified. The tone of the organ was spoilt during an attempt to revoice it as a ‘Baroque’ -instrument in the 1970s.

We reversed all previous alterations, including restoring the original pitch, wind pressure and voicing; restored the wind system; and returned the pedal to mechanical action with a new chest and action. The decoration of the front pipes was restored by volunteers from the congregation, to the original design and colors. Mark Brombaugh was the consultant.

Open Diap. 8' Open Diap. [T.G] 8' Sub Bass 16'
Melodia [T.G] 8' Stop’d Diap. [T.G] 8' Sw. to Gr.
Dulciana [T.G] 8' Keraulophon [T.G] 8' Gr. to Ped.
St. Diap. Bass 8' St. Diap. Bass 8' Sw. to Ped.
Octave 4' Flute Harmonique [T.G] 4'
Flute [T.G] 4' Viola [BASS] 4' Blower’s Signal
Twelfth 2⅔' Oboe [T.G] 8'
Fifteenth 2'