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Paul Mellon Art Center
Choate Rosemary Hall Academy
Wallingford, Connecticut

D.A. Flentrop Orgelbouw
Zaandam, Holland - 1972

THIS ORGAN WAS ORIGINALLY BUILT for Rosemary Hall in Greenwich, Connecticut, an all-girl preparatory school, and presented to the school by an alumnus. Shortly after the organ was installed, the school merged with Choate Academy, a formerly all-male prep school which became co-ed with the merger.

The organ was installed on the stage of the chamber music performance hall in the newly constructed Arts complex, designed by I.M. Pei, and gifted to the school by Paul Mellon, a former alumnus.

In the summer of 2009, S.L. Huntington & Co. was engaged to dismantle and move the instrument into the dramatically spacious and acoustically favorable Art Gallery. Minor repairs were carried out including a renovation of the key action, and the casework was refinished to restore its original lustre. The organ was rededicated during a gala reception in August, 2009 by Ralph Valentine, the University Organist and Chair of the Music Department.