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The American Organist
February, 2017
Cover photo features a restoration by
S.L. Huntington & Co.

Listen to a Radio Interview with Scot Huntington for Vermont Public Radio. This interview was conducted during the OHS Vermont Convention in June, 2013.

Scot Huntington Interview
Atlantic City Convention Center, New Jersey - October 26, 2004.

Frederick Jodry plays the
D.A. Flentrop, 1966
Restored by S.L. Huntington & Co.

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March 24, 2020

Dear Clients and Friends:

Our lives are suddenly seeking a floor of some sort of normalcy in the face of an invisible and potentially deadly hunter. State governments are stepping up and imposing even stricter confinements than federal government mandates in an effort to more effectively contain the threat within their borders. As I write this, businesses in both Rhode Island and Connecticut have just today been officially closed for shop work by our respective governors until April 22. I have already heard from some of you asking to reschedule Easter tunings until the crisis has passed and normal life has resumed.

As of today, in the interest of an abundance of caution, I am postponing all Easter tuning and maintenance.

Some of you are doing live-streaming of church services and plan to conduct Palm Sunday and Easter services as scheduled, under quarantine protocols. You have requested tuning visits before the high days, and for you the schedule is wide open. We are standing by to provide whatever service you need unless general travel bans are instituted, taking our own precautions regarding social distancing, hand sanitation, and disposable gloves in order to keep your instruments, you and us, free of germ contamination.

Will those of you doing live-streaming who require instrument servicing in the interim, or who have a servicing emergency, please respond to this email or otherwise contact me directly?

** Again, for the moment, all regularly scheduled Easter tunings currently on the calendar between now and April 22 (except by special arrangement), are hereby postponed until the danger has passed. Once you have resumed normal worship activity, please contact me to reschedule your spring maintenance requirements.**

When group assembly bans are lifted, it may be with short notice and everyone will surely be wanting to celebrate a genuine resurrection with new-found purpose. Depending on how short the notice is, we will do our best to accommodate tuning requests on a first come, first scheduled basis, and as time permits. A reminder though, that organs will be in tune at whatever temperature they were tuned at. For those wanting to avoid the rush and who don't have a problem with having the organ tuned in an empty building, we can provide such peremptory maintenance, observing the requisite precautions in accordance with the prevailing health recommendations.

On a personal note, for all generations except that of our elderly and suddenly endangered parents, this is an unfamiliar and unsettling manner of crisis. We are doing our best to cope, finding normalcy whenever we can, even if it's in the simplest things. We're finding ourselves confined at home, perhaps with partners, children, or animals suddenly attention-starved. Sadly, we're having to avoid any kind of human interaction with each other-- all the more difficult and unnatural because our instinct is to herd and socialize. It's starting to sound cliched, but we really are all in this together, and doing our best to watch out for each other. I'm trying my hardest to keep those around me, (and hopefully therefore those around them), safe. I'm holding my family, friends, and you my clients and those close to you, in my thoughts.

Stay well.

With regards,




Scot L. Huntington received a degree in Organ Performance from the State University of New York at Fredonia. While in college, he won the Buffalo AGO chapter Young Artist Competition, and he participated in a work-study program where he received college credit for apprentice work with the Schlicker Organ Company. Huntington formally apprenticed organbuilding with A. David Moore of North Pomfret, Vermont specializing in pipe making, and served his journeyman's period with the Bozeman-Gibson Company of Deerfield, New Hampshire where he focused on general instrument building, woodworking, and focused on historic restoration practice. He worked with D. Jacques Way of Stonington, Connecticut building harpsichords as well as graphic design and typesetting under Way, a former publisher of art books.

He established his own firm, S.L. Huntington & Co. in Stonington, Connecticut in 1988, specializing in the construction of new historically inspired pipe organs and the thoughtful restoration of instruments of all styles and specifically American instruments of the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries.

A member of the Organ Historical Society since 1974, Huntington was a member of the Historical Organ Citation Committee for 25 years, chaired the National conventions in Boston and New Haven, Connecticut, and served on the convention planning committees for Buffalo, Cleveland, Vermont, and the 50th Anniversary convention in Saratoga Springs. On June 27, 2013, he concluded his two-term tenure as President of the O.H.S. He had previously served the organization as Councilor for Conventions, two terms as Vice President, and the Councilor for Publications. He was responsible for the creation of the Society's Publication arm, the O.H.S. Press, and served as Chair of the Publications Board of Governors for eight years. He served as co-chair of the Committee to Revise the OHS Guidelines for Conservation and Preservation, officially published in 2008.

A long-time member of the Boston chapter of the American Guild of Organists, Huntington has served on the Executive Committee, and is a charter member of the chapter's innovative Organ Advisory Committee created in 1982.

Scot Huntington is member of the American Institute of Organbuilders and is currently serving as Chair of the AIO Editorial Journal Review Committee. His organbuilding firm,  S.L. Huntington & Co., is a member of the International Society of Organbuilders.

The company has received praise from organists and organbuilders alike for its sensitive and informed restoration of historic instruments of a widely divergent range of styles from antique to contemporary. Scot Huntington has been sought after as a consultant on historic conservation practice by several fellow organbuilding firms and is particularly respected as a voicer and tonal finisher.